Peter Eckart

The Lunar Base Handbook-2nd Edition (Softback) [Peter Eckart - 2006]

820 pgs, 2006, McGraw-Hill
ISBN 978-0073294445

This book is a comprehensive overview of what is needed to construct and maintain a lunar base for human habitation. It discusses the history of Lunar exploration and the rationale behind exploring space. Economical, Legal, and Management issues are also addressed. The lunar environment is discussed, along with Earth-Moon transportation, and criteria for selecting a Lunar Base. The specifics of designing and building a lunar base are then covered, including thermal control, power supply and energy storage, life support and crew health, and communication and navigation systems. The design process is covered, along with appropriate design tools. Radiation shielding issues are also covered. The benefits of performing science on the moon are also covered. Extra-vehicular activity is discussed with an emphasis on required life support systems. Lunar surface vehicle design and construction is also presented. Lunar base logistics, acquisition, and operations costs are also discussed. Modeling of a lunar base is discussed as well, taking into account all required materials and consumables. Cost modeling is covered as well, including construction and operations of a lunar base. Long-term habitation issues and applications of lunar bases are also covered.


  1. History of Lunar Exploration
  2. The Human Desire to Explore
  3. Economical, Political, Legal and Management Aspects
  4. The Future of Lunar Exploration
  5. The Lunar Environment
  6. Earth-Moon Transportation
  7. Lunar Base Sitting
  8. Lunar Base Development
  9. Lunar Base Elements and Surface Infrastructure
  10. Habitats, Laboratories, and Airlocks
  11. Thermal Control Systems
  12. Power Supply and Energy Storage
  13. Lunar Base Life Support and Crew Health
  14. Communication and Navigation Systems
  15. Science at Lunar Base
  16. Shielding Requirements and Concepts
  17. Lunar Extra-vehicular Activities (EVAs)
  18. Lunar Surface Vehicles
  19. Lunar Resource Utilization
  20. Lunar Base Logistics
  21. Lunar Base Acquisition and Operations Costs
  22. Lunar Base Analogs
  23. Lunar Base Modeling
  24. The Future and Beyond

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