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A Traveler's Guide to Mars [William K. Hartmann, 2003] (softcover)
A beautiful combination of text and images
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Detailed Description

William K. Hartmann, 2003

978-0761126065, 468pages, softcover

This interesting book reads like a true travel guide.  Where to go, what to see, the best times to do it and all points of interest.  Awesome photographs and detailed descriptions make you want to book a flight today.  It combines history and interesting facts as only this Carl Sagan Medal award winning author can. "A Superb Masterpiece"

Table of Contents

Part I- Introducing Mars: Past and Present

Part II- Noachian Mars: Exploring the Oldest Provinces

Part III- Interlude: Landing on Mars

Part IV- Hesperian Mars: A Time of Transition

Part V- Interlude: Rocks From Mars

Part VI- Amazonian Mars: The Red Planet Today

Part VII- Where Do We Come From, Where are We Going?

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