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Atmospheric and Space Flight Dynamics [Tewari, 2007] (softcover)
Modeling and simulation with "MATLAB" and "Simulink"
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Springer/Birkhauser, 978-0817643737,

Modern aerospace vehicles, such as the space shuttle, other launch vehicles, and long-range ballistic missiles, do not discriminate between atmospheric and space flight. Most texts on flight dynamics, however, make this artificial distinction and therefore do not simultaneously cover aircraft and spacecraft. Bridging this gap in this book is a unified presentation, demonstrating that the two disciplines have actually evolved from the same set of physical principles.

Ch. 1: Introduction
Ch. 2: Attitude and Kinematics of Coordinate Frames
Ch. 3: Planetary Form and Gravity
Ch. 4: Translational Motion of Aerospace Vehicles
Ch. 5: Orbital Mechanics
Ch. 6: Perturbed Orbits
Ch. 7: The Three-Body Problem
Ch. 8: Rocket Propulsion
Ch. 9: Planetary Atmosphere
Ch. 10: Elements of Aerodynamics
Ch. 11: Airbreathing Propulsion
Ch. 12: Atmospheric and Transatmospheric Trajectories
Ch. 13: Attitude Dynamics
Ch. 14: Attitude Control Systems
Ch. 15: Advanced Modeling and Simulation Concepts
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