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Spacecraft Dynamics and Control: An Introduction [Anton H.J. De Ruiter, Christopher J. Damaren and James R. Forbes, 2013] (hardcover)
Anton H.J. De Ruiter, Christopher J. Damaren and James R. Forbes
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Detailed Description

592 pgs, 2013, Wiley

ISBN 978-1118342367

Spacecraft Dynamics and Control: An Introduction presents the fundamentals of classical control in the context of spacecraft attitude control. This approach is particularly beneficial for the training of students in both of the subjects of classical control as well as its application to spacecraft attitude control. By using a physical system (a spacecraft) that the reader can visualize (rather than arbitrary transfer functions), it is easier to grasp the motivation for why topics in control theory are important, as well as the theory behind them.  The entire treatment of both orbital and attitude dynamics makes use of vectrix notation, which is a tool that allows the user to write down any vector equation of motion without consideration of a reference frame. This is particularly suited to the treatment of multiple reference frames. Vectrix notation also makes a very clear distinction between a physical vector and its coordinate representation in a reference frame. This is very important in spacecraft dynamics and control problems, where often multiple coordinate representations are used (in different reference frames) for the same physical vector.


Table of Contents

Ch. 1: Kinematics

Ch. 2: Rigid Body Dynamics

Ch. 3: The Keplerian Two-Body Problem

Ch. 4: Preliminary Orbit Determination

Ch. 5: Orbital Maneuvers

Ch. 6: Interplanetary Trajectories

Ch. 7:Orbital Perturbations

Ch. 8: Low Thrust Trajectory Analysis and Design

Ch. 9: Spacecraft Formation Flying

Ch. 10: The Restricted Three-Body Problem

Ch. 11-26:

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