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Spacecraft Atttitude Dynamics [Peter C. Hughes, 2004] (softcover)
...comprehensive coverage of environmental torques encontered in space...
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  1. Introduction
  2. Rotational Kinematics
    1. Reference Frames and Rotations
    2. Angular Displacement Parameters
    3. Angular Velocity
    4. Comments on Parameter Alternatives
    5. Problems
  3. Attitude Motion Equations
    1. Motion Equations for a Point Mass, P
    2. Motion Equations for a System of Point Masses, ΣPn
    3. Motion Equations for a Rigid Body, R
    4. A System with Damping, R + P
    5. A Dual-Spin System, R + W
    6. A Simple Multi-Rigid-Body System, R1 + R2
    7. Dynamics of a System of Rigid Bodies
    8. Problems
  4. Attitude Dynamics of a Rigid Body
    1. Basic Motion Equations
    2. Torque-Free Motion: R Inertially Axisymmetrical
    3. Torque-Free Motion; R Tri-inertial
    4. Stability of Motion for R
    5. Motion of a Rigid Body Under Torque
    6. Problems
  5. Effect of Internal Energy Dissipation on the Directional Stability of Spinning Bodies
    1. Quasi-Rigid Body with an Energy Sink, L
    2. Rigid Body with a Point Mass Damper, R + P
    3. Problems
  6. Directional Stability of Multispin Vehicles
    1. The R + W Gyrostat
    2. Gyrostat with Nonspinning Carrier
    3. The Zero Momentum Gyrostat
    4. The General Case
    5. System of Coaxial Wheels
    6. Problems
  7. Effect of Internal Energy Dissipation on the Directional Stability of Gyrostats
    1. Energy Sink Analyses
    2. Gyrostats with Discrete Dampers
    3. Problems
  8. Spacecraft Torques
    1. Gravitational Torque
    2. Aerodynamic Torque
    3. Radiation Torques
    4. Other Environmental Torques
    5. Nonenvironmental Torques
    6. Closing Remarks
    7. Problems
  9. Gravitational Stabilization
    1. Context
    2. Equilibria for a Rigid Body in a Circular Orbit
    3. Design of Gravitationally Stabilized Satellites
    4. Flight Experience
    5. Problems
  10. Spin Stabilization in Orbit
    1. Spinning Rigid Body in Orbit
    2. Design of Spin-Stabilized Satellites
    3. Long-Term Effects of Environmental Torques, and Flight Data
    4. Problems
  11. Dual-Stabilization in Orbit: Gyrostats and Bias Momentum Satellites
    1. The Gyrostat in Orbit
    2. Gyrostats with External Rotors
    3. Bias Momentum Satellites
    4. Problems
  12. Appendix A: Elements of Stability Theory
    1. Stability Definitions
    2. Stability of the Origin
    3. The Linear Approximation
    4. Nonlinear Inferences from Infinitesimal Stability Properties
    5. Liapunov's Method
    6. Stability of Linear Stationary Mechanical Systems
    7. Stability Ideas Specialized to Attitude Dynamics
  13. Appendix B: Vectrices
    1. Remarks on Terminology
    2. Vectrices
    3. Several Reference Frames
    4. Kinematics of Vectrices
    5. Derivative with Respect to a Vector
  14. Appendix C: List of Symbols
    1. Lowercase Symbols
    2. Uppercase Symbols
    3. Lowercase Greek Symbols
    4. Uppercase Greek Symbols
    5. Other Notational Conventions
  15. References
  16. Errata
  17. Index
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