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Space Antenna Handbook [Imbriale, Gao and Boccia, 2012] (hardcover)
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Antenna Basics
Chapter 2: Space Antenna Modeling
Chapter 3: System Architectures of Satellite Communication, Radar, Navigation and Remote Sensing
Chapter 4: Space Environment and Materials
Chapter 5: Mechanical and Thermal Design of Space Antennas
Chapter 6: Testing of Antennas for Space
Chapter 7: Historical Overview of the Development of Space Antennas
Chapter 8: Deployable Mesh Reflector Antennas for Space Applications: RF Characterizations
Chapter 9: Microstrip Array Technologies for Space Applications
Chapter 10: Printed Reflectarray Antennas for Space Applications
Chapter 11: Emerging Antenna Technologies for Space Applications
Chapter 12: Antennas for Satellite Communications
Chapter 13: SAR Antennas
Chapter 14: Antennas for Global Navigation Satellite System Receivers
Chapter 15: Antennas for Small Satellites
Chapter 16: Space Antennas for Radio Astronomy
Chapter 17: Antennas for Deep Space Applications
Chapter 18: Space Antenna Challenges for Future Missions, Key Techniques and Technologies 
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