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Satellite Communications for the Nonspecialist [Chartrand, 2004] (softcover)
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437 pgs, 2004, Spie
ISBN 978-0819477750

Based on Mark Chartrand's highly successful seminar series, this book is a comprehensive introduction to satellite communications covering a broad sweep of regulatory, standards, economics, business, operational, and technical subjects. The text is easily readable, highly entertaining, and truly geared for the nontechnical. Dr. Chartrand employs his unique ability gained over two decades of teaching to explain complex technical and satellite applications to professionals in marketing, finance, law, public relations, and journalism, as well as personnel in ancillary fields and members of the public who wish to better understand the satellite industry.

Table of Contents:

Ch. 1: Introduction and Some Historical Background
Ch. 2: The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Telecommunications
Ch. 3: Satellite Telecommunications: Users, Applications, and Markets
Ch. 4: Basic Definitions and Measurements
Ch. 5: The Spectrum and Its Uses
Ch. 6: Analog and Digital Signals
Ch. 7: Carrying Information on Waves
Ch. 8: Signal Flow, Quality, and Noise
Ch. 9: The Space Environment
Ch. 10: Orbits
Ch. 11: Orbital Slots, Frequencies, Footprints, and Coverage
Ch. 12: Out To Launch
Ch. 13: Satellite Systems and Construction
Ch. 14: Satellite Operations: Housekeeping and Communications
Ch. 15: Earth Stations: Types, Hardware, and Pointing
Ch. 16: Earthstations: Antenna Properties
Ch. 17: Earthstations: Signal Flow, Electronics, EIRP, and G/T
Ch. 18: Atmospheric Effects on Signals
Ch. 19: Putting It All Together: Link Budgets
Ch. 20: Multiple Access: Many Users on One Satellite
Ch. 21: Satellite Communications Providers and Competitors
Ch. 22: Issues, Trends and the Future
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