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Multiple Gravity Assist Interplanetary Trajectories [A.V. Labunsky, O.V. Papkov, K.G. Sukhanov, 1998] (hardcover)
A.V. Labunsky, O.V. Papkov, K.G. Sukhanov
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285 pgs, 1998, Taylor & Francis Publishers
ISBN 978-9056990909

The authors develop a number of methods and algorithms which allow the selection of a multi-purpose route for a space vehicle. Other topics include navigation problems, near-to-planet orbits and new flight schemes.

This book comes from the Earth Space Institute Space Series, which includes Gurzadyan's book Theory of Interplanetary Flights (also available in the Microcosm Bookstore). Spacecraft motion is inluenced by various physical forces: gravitational, environmental and jet propulsion. This book discusses the problems and methods available to determine the trajectory of spacecraft motion in the solar system under the effect of several attracting bodies.


    1. Dynamic scheme, models and methods of analysis of spacecraft trajectories using gravity assist maneuvers.
    2. Methods and algorithms for the development of optimal multi- purpose missions
    3. Ballistic methods in multi-purpose interplanetary spacecraft design
    4. Analysis of multi-purpose schemes of interplanetary flight
    5. Multi-purpose flights in planetary-satellite systems
    6. Flights to small bodies in the solar system
    7. Solution of navigational problems for multi-purpose missions at near-planet segments of the flight trajectory
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