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Human Spaceflight Mission Analysis and Design [Wiley J. Larson and Linda K. Pranke, 2007] (softcover)
Wiley J. Larson and Linda K. Pranke
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1035 pgs, 2007, McGraw-Hill
ISBN 978-0077230289 w/website

Complete documentation of the design process for Earth, Moon or Mars based human space systems. A must have volume for anyone who manages, designs or operates systems for human spaceflight.

    1. An Introduction to Human Spaceflight
    2. Designing Human Space Missions
    3. The Space Environment - Hazards and Effects
    4. Surface Environments
    5. Physiology of Spaceflight
    6. Human Factors of Crewed Spaceflight
    7. Psychology of Spaceflight
    8. Saftey of Crewed Spaceflight
    9. Orbital Selection and Astrodynamics
    10. Entry, Descent, Landing, and Ascent
    11. Designing and Sizing Space Elements
    12. Transfer, Entry, Landing, and Ascent Vehicles
    13. Designing, Sizing, and Integrating a Surface Base
    14. Planetary Surface Vehicles
    15. In-situ Resouces
    16. Thermal Control
    17. Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSS)
    18. Crew Accommodations
    19. Attitude Determination and Control
    20. Designing Power Systems
    21. Structures
    22. Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Systems
    23. Space Robotics
    24. Propulsion Systems
    25. Selecting Launch and Transfer Vehicles
    26. Mission Operations for Crewed Spaceflight
    27. Command, Control, and Communications Architecture
    28. Space Logistics Support
    29. Estimating the Cost of Crewed Space Systems
    30. International Crewed Missions
    31. Mars Design Example
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