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Fundamentals of Astrodynamics and Applications, 3rdedition

Errata as of February 20, 2008

Please note : With each printing of the book, errors known at the time of the printing are corrected. Therefore, the correct errata for your book depends on which printing you have. To determine this, go to the copyright page, which is the page facing the first page of the Table of Contents. Just above the copyright notice, you will see words such as, “Second printing.” If no such notation exits, then you have the first printing of the 2ndedition.

Having found which printing you have, download the appropriate errata here:

We would appreciate any suggestions or corrections not listed in the errata being reported to:

Chris Maruyama

Publications Manager

Microcosm, Inc.

310-219-2700 (voice)

310-219-2710 (FAX) (E-mail)

Thank you for helping us keep the Fundamentals of Astrodynamics and Applications book as accurate and error-free as possible.

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