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Emergence of Pico- and Nanosatellites for Atmospheric Research and Technology Testing [Shiroma/Thakker, 2010] (hardcover)
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978-1600867682, AIAA Publishing
Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics Series

Miniaturized satellites are paving the way to a completely new era of faster and less expensive access to space by using smaller payloads. Pico- and nanosatellite activity has expanded greatly in the last decade, due in large part to activity within the university satellite community. Emergence of Pico- and Nanosatellites for Atmospheric Research and Technology Testing describes the current state of this exciting technology and includes a variety of detailed examples that will help the reader identify appropriate analytical models, simulations, and technologies in the development of miniaturized satellite missions. TOPICS DISCUSSED * University satellite design programs * CubeSatA" missions * Attitude determination and control systems * Electrical power systems * Command and data handling and telecommunication systems SPECIAL FEATURES * Describes the benefits of using pico- and nanosatellites, whose low cost allows a wide variety of missions by an expanded set of potential customers * Explores emulation of complex systems in a space environment using an adaptive, reusable spacecraft concept * Bridges the gap between theoretical spacecraft systems engineering and practical mechanics * Includes a case study, the Illinois Observing Nanosatellite
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