Twilight War [Mike Moore, 2008] (hardcover)

Table of Contents: Chapter 1: Triumphalism in Space Chapter 2: Full Spectrum Dominance Chapter 3: Nightmare Scenarios Chapter 4: Joined at the Hip Chapter 5: Prompt Global Strike Chapter 6: Put to the Sword Chapter 7: True Space Ships Chapter 8: Guardian of the Peace Chapter 9: The Right Question Chapter 11: Freedom of Space Chapter 12: The Road Not Taken Chapter 13: The Americanization of the World Chapter 14: The New Utopians Chapter 15: The Next Cold War? Chapter 16: he Irony of American History Appendix A: Into Space, Anonymously Appendix B: Newton’s Cannon Appendix C: Space Control—A Very Old Idea Appendix D: From Silverbird to FALCON Appendix E: Useful Websites Notes Index About the Author

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