Theory of Interplanetary Flights [G.A. Gurzadyan, 1996] (hardcover)

G.A. Gurzadyan, 1996, GBP & Taylor and Francis,

ISBN#978-2884490740, 383 pgs, hardcover

This book will appeal to students and researchers interested in both theoretical and applied aspects of the topic. The clarity of the exposition renders the subject matter accessible to senior undergraduates and graduate students of mathematics, physics and astrophysics.

Table of Contents


I. The Universal Law of Gravitation

II. The Two-body Problem

III. Derivation of Kepler's Laws from Newton's Law

IV. Motion of Celestial Bodies

V. Ephemerides of Celestial Bodies

VI. Determination of the Orbit of a Celestial Body from Observations

VII. Determination of the Elements of the Orbits by Three Observations

VIII. The N-body problem

IX. The Restricted Three-body Problem

X. The Theory of Perturbations

XI. Trajectories of Interplanetary Flights

XII. Flights to the Moon

XIII. Flights to the Planets

XIV. Canonical Equations of Celestial Mechanics



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