The Lunar Exploration Scrapbook [Robert Godwin,2007] (hardcover)

In his latest book, The Lunar Exploration Scrapbook, noted editor and writer Robert Godwin, has distilled years of research into an unprecedented look at the many machines considered by the United States for lunar exploration. Combining the blueprints of the 1950's and 1960's with modern computer graphics Godwin has brought to life many of the dreams of the past, and packed them all into one tightly woven package of color and facts. The Lunar Exploration Scrapbook features color texture-mapped renderings of dozens of designs that never left the drawing board, creating a unique look at what might have happened if money had been no object, and humanity had gone to the moon to stay.

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  The Lunar Exploration Scrapbook [Robert Godwin,2007] (hardcover) - 


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