The 7 Secrets of How to Think Like a Rocket Scientist [Jim Longuski, 2007] (hardcover)

Table of Contents: Part I Dream.- Chapter 1 Imagine It.- Chapter 2 Work on the Big Picture.- Chapter 3 Aim High.- Chapter 4 BS!.- Chapter 5 Brainstorm.- Chapter 6 Create Desire.- Chapter 7 Tell a Story.- Chapter 8 Sleep on It.- Chapter 9 Think JFK.- Part II Judge.- Chapter 10 Get Real.- Chapter 11 Play Games.- Chapter 12 Simulate It.- Chapter 13 Run a Thought Experiment.- Chapter 14 Know your Limits.- Chapter 15 Weigh Ideas.- Part III Ask.- Chapter 16.- Ask Dumb Questions.- Chapter 17 Ask Big Questions.- Chapter 18 Ask "What If?".- Chapter 19 Ask "Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral?".- Chapter 20 Ask Just One More Question.- Part IV Check.- Chapter 21 Prove Yourself Wrong.- Chapter 22.- Inspect for Defects.- Chapter 23 Have a Backup Plan.- Chapter 24 Do a Sanity Test.- Chapter 25 Check Your Arithmetic.- Chapter 26 Know the Risks.- Chapter 27 Question Your Assumptions.- Part V Simplify.- Chapter 28 Keep It Simple, Stupid.- Chapter 29 Draw a Picture.- Chapter 30 Make a Mock-up.- Chapter 31 Name the Beasts.- Chapter 32 Look at the Little Picture.- Chapter 33 Do the Math.- Chapter 34 Apply Occamís Razor.- Part VI Optimize.- Chapter 35 Minimize the Cost.- Chapter 36 Minimize the Time.- Chapter 37 Be Mr. Spock.- Chapter 38 Make It Faster, Better, Cheaper (But Not All Three!).- Chapter 39 Know When Bigger is Better.- Chapter 40 Let Form Follow Function.- Chapter 41 Pick the Best People.- Chapter 42 Make Small Improvements.- Part VII Do.- Chapter 43 Learn by Doing.- Chapter 44 Sharpen Your Axe.- Chapter 45 Correct It on the Way.- Chapter 46 Do Something.- Chapter 47 Donít Ignore Trends.- Chapter 48 Work on Your Average Performance.- Chapter 49 look Behind You.- Chapter 50 Learn from Your Mistakes.- Epilogue.- Recommended Viewing: The Greatest Sci-Fi Films of the Twentieth Century.- Recommended Reading and Bibliography.- About the Author.- About the Illustrator.- Index.-

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