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Spacecraft Power Systems [Patel,2005] (hardcover)

Table of Contents: Ch. 1 Satellite Overview, Ch. 2 Near-Earth Space Environment, Ch. 3 Power System Options, Ch. 4 Photovoltaic-Battery System, Ch. 5 Environmental Effects, Ch. 6 Power System Requirements, Ch. 7 Design Process and Trades, Ch. 8 Solar Array, Ch. 9 Battery, Ch. 10 Power Electronics and Magnetics, Ch. 11 Distribution Harness and Protection, Ch. 12 Ancillaray Compenents, Ch. 13 Energy Balance and Power Management, Ch. 14 Dynamic Performance and Stability, Ch. 15 Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility, Ch. 16 Electrostatic Discharge, Ch. 17 Reliability and Derating, Ch. 18 Integration and Testing, Ch. 19 Interplanetary and Deep Space Missions, Ch. 20 Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator, Ch. 21 Dynamic System with Alternator, Ch. 22 High-Power High-Voltage Systems, Ch. 23 Electric Propulsion, Ch. 24 Fuel Cell Power, Ch. 25 Flywheel Energy Storage, Ch. 26 Superconductors in Space, Ch. 27 Microwave Beam Power Satellite

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  Spacecraft Power Systems [Patel,2005] (hardcover) - 691 pgs


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