Space Exploration 2008 [David Harland and Brian Harvey,2008] (softcover)

Table of Contents: Preface – Welcome to Space Exploration, 2008.- The Epic Journey Continues, The Annual Review by Brian Harvey.- Prepare for Lift-off! The Future of Space Tourism by Erik Seedhouse.- Stepping Out into the Solar System, A Human Mission to an Asteroid by Leonard David.- Long Duration Spaceflight, The Work of the Institute of Bio-Medical Problems by Dominic Phelan.- Another Giant Leap, Human Missions to Mars by Donald Rapp.- Beyond the Solar System, Technologies for Ultra-Deep Space Probes by Greg Matloff.- Reviving the Old, Introducing the New, Russia’s New Space Science Projects by Igor Afanasie.- RETURN TO THE MOON.- Paving the Way for Future Exploration, The SMART-1 Mission to the Moon by Peter Rathsman.- NASA’s New Robotic Lunar Program, Seeking Water on the Moon by David M Harland.- And When We’re Back on the Moon, What Next? The Role of a Future Moonbase by David Schrunk.- SOLAR SYSTEM LOG.- Probing the Mysteries of Our Nearest Star, Studying the Sun from Space by Martin Mobberley.- Focusing on the Red Planet, Mars Exploration Update by James Graf.- Fire and Ice, The Phoenix Mission to Mars by Peter Smith.- Report from the Ringed Planet, Cassini at Saturn Update by David M Harland.

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