Remote Sensing from Air and Space [R.C.Olsen, 2007] (softcover)

Remote Sensing from Air and Space will guide you in the use of remote sensing for military and intelligence gathering applications. It is a must read for students working on systems acquisition or for anyone interested in the products derived from remote sensing systems. R. C. Olsen of the Naval Postgraduate School offers an eclectic description of the technologies and underlying physics for a wide range of remote sensing systems, including optical, thermal, radar, and lidar systems. This monograph describes this diverse set of applications using full-color graphics and a friendly, readable format. Contents - Preface - Introduction to Remote Sensing - Electromagnetic Basics - Visible Imagery - Orbital Mechanics Interlude - EO Spectral Imagery - Image Analysis - Thermal Infrared - Radar - Radar and LIDAR - Appendix 1: Derivatives - Appendix 2: CORONA - Appendix 3: Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System - Appendix 4: Useful Equations and Constants - Index

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  Remote Sensing from Air and Space [R.C.Olsen, 2007] (softcover) - 


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