James R. Wertz

Orbit & Constellation Design & Management (Softback) [James R. Wertz - 2001]

  968 pgs, 2001, Microcosm/STL
  ISBN 978-1881883074

Orbit & Constellation Design & Management (OCDM) provides greatly expanded detail on many topics first introduced in the 2 of the earlier Wertz works - Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control (SADC) and Space Mission Analysis and Design (SMAD). If these two books got you started in mission engineering and you need more detail on the key area of Spacecraft Orbit and Attitude Systems (SOAS), then this book provides more detail in SOAS requirements definition, mission geometry, orbit and constellation design, relative motion of satellites, observation and measurement systems engineering, orbit control and management, and similar topics.


    1. Spacecraft Orbit and Attitude Systems
    2. Orbit Properties and Terminology
    3. Attitude Properties and Terminology
    4. Space-Based Orbit , Attitude, and Timing Systems
    5. Definition of Requirements
    6. Geometry on the Celestial Sphere
    7. Spacecraft Position and Attitude Measurements
    8. Full Sky Spherical Geometry
    9. Earth Coverage
    10. Satellite Relative Motion
    11. Viewing and Lighting Conditions
    12. Orbit Selection and Design
    13. Constellation Design
    14. Operations Considerations in Orbit Design - Launch, Orbit Aquisition, and Disposal

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