Microgravity Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer [Kamiel Gabriel, 2007] (hardcover)

Kamiel Gabriel, 2007, Springer/Microcosm

STL Library #19, hardcover, 234pgs

This book presents for the first time a comprehensive coverage of all aspects of two-phase flow behavior in the virtual absence of gravity.

Table of Contents


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1. Introduction

2. Classification of Gas-Liguid Flow Patterns

3. Flow Pattern Transition Models

4. Gas-Liquid Flow Pressure Drop

5. Void Fraction

6. Gas-Liquid Flow Heat Transfer

7. Modeling Periodic Slug Flows Using a Volume of Fluid Method

8. Summary and Conclusion

Appendix A & B



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  Microgravity Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer [Kamiel Gabriel, 2007] (hardcover) - 


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