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Astronomical Algorithms-2nd Edition (Hardback) [Jean Meeus - 1998]
Jean Meeus
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Detailed Description

1432 pgs, 1998, Willmann-Bell Inc.
ISBN 978-0943396613

Jean Meeus, a widely acclaimed authority on celestial calculations, has compiled the most useful algorithms and computations for astronomers to support their observations. Instead of relying just on formulae developed before 1920, this book includes explicit equations based on machine motion-modeling methods perfected at JPL and the US Naval Observatory over the past decade, techniques that until now remained out of reach for civilians. This handy reference for understanding the applications of celestial mechanics includes a fully worked numerical example with each algorithm and makes the equations understandable for novices.


    1. Hints and Tips
    2. About Accuracy
    3. Interpolation
    4. Curve Fitting
    5. Iteration
    6. Sorting Numbers
    7. Julian Day
    8. Date of Easter
    9. Dynamical Time and Universal Time
    10. The Earth's Globe
    11. Sidereal Time at Greenwich
    12. Transformation of Coordinates
    13. The Parallactic Angle
    14. Rising, Transit, and Setting
    15. Atmospheric Refraction
    16. Angular Separation
    17. Planetary Conjunctions
    18. Bodies in Straight Line
    19. Smallest Circle Containing Three Celestial Bodies
    20. Precession
    21. Nutation and the Obliquity of the Ecliptic
    22. Apparent Place of a Star
    23. Reduction of Ecliptical Elements from one Equinox to another one
    24. Solar Coordinates
    25. Rectangular Coordinates of the Sun
    26. Equinoxes and Solstices
    27. Equation of Time
    28. Ephemeris for Physical Observations of the Sun
    29. Equation of Kepler
    30. Elements of the Planetary Orbits
    31. Positions of the Planets
    32. Elliptic Motion
    33. Parabolic Motion
    34. Near-Parabolic Motion
    35. The Calculation of Some Planetary Phenomena
    36. Pluto
    37. Planets in Perihelion and Aphelion
    38. Passages Through the Nodes
    39. Correction for Parallax
    40. Illuminated Fraction of the Disk and Magnitude of a Planet
    41. Ephemeris for Physical Observations of Mars
    42. Ephemeris for Physical Observations of Jupiter
    43. Positions of the Satellites of Jupiter
    44. The Ring of Saturn
    45. Position of the Moon
    46. Illuminated Fraction of the Moon's Disk
    47. Phases of the Moon
    48. Perigee and Apogee of the Moon
    49. Passages of the Moon through the Nodes
    50. Maximum Declinations of the Moon
    51. Ephemeris for Physical Observations of the Moon
    52. Eclipses
    53. Semidiameters of the Sun, Moon, and Planets
    54. Stellar Magnitudes
    55. Binary Stars
    56. Calculation of a Planar Sundial
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